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When to Hire a Life Coach

Bretton Curtis - Coach at Growth Solutions

Do you struggle with your mindset? Are you stuck in a negative feedback loop? Tired of spinning your wheels? Maybe it's time to hire a life coach.

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach isn't a like a team coach, therapist, or a trainer, they're a different type of professional that is meant to counsel and encourage their client to do better. They are a type of support system for the client that is there to mainly hold them accountable and help them work through their problems. They offer advice from real world experience and also give tools to help their clients win that are either scientifically proven or commonly used by others. A life coach is someone that you can borrow belief from, and can count on to always cheer you on. You may not have the belief yourself, and others around you may not believe in you but a good coach will. This is because they know something you don't (yet), they know that anyone can achieve anything in this world as long as they believe. You have to put the work in before you can get the belief, and if you haven't put the work in, it won't be there. But you can hire someone else that has done it, and developed the belief themselves. This person has already gone through the process themselves many times over, and will be able to recognize when the client may be approaching a hazardous pattern in their journey and can help guide them to recognize these patterns to avoid these potential pitfalls all together.

Why would I need to hire one?

Anyone that wants to do anything or get anything in life wants it RIGHT NOW! Well, if it was that easy we would all have everything we wanted without ever having to go through the struggle. Luckily, if you want to expedite your results or just avoid spinning your wheels or going 100 mph the wrong direction, you can just hire someone that has already done it! Hiring a coach will help you in more ways than you could ever imagine. The journey to what you want in life is going to be a lonely one, it's unlikely many of your friends or your spouse is going to want to go on it with you and be there every step of the way, but a good coach will be. A good coach will help you stay on track, picking you up when you fall, or pointing out a hazard to avoid getting tripped up at all in the first place. A good coach will help foster the confidence required to become the person that you really need to be! Aside from fostering your confidence and believing in you, they will also make you a custom plan to win.

What will a good coach do for me?

A good coach will be solid as a rock. They will never let you down, or do anything that would make you want to quit, unlike the people in your life that don't quite understand what you're trying to do or why you're wanting to change. A good coach will see your potential before you even do and do everything possible to help you realize it! They will set you up for success and guide you to either avoid failure all together or help to control failure that you will be able to actually learn from and not want to quit after. They will support you every step of the way and dust you off every time you fall down. A good coach will become a positive life force for you and you should be able to discuss anything related to achieving your goals with the coach and not feel like you are going to be shamed for messing up, they will help you re frame your mind and actually want to start winning! A good coach will make it very hard for you to quit! That's what you're paying them for, the accountability.

What's the difference between a personal trainer and a life coach?

A personal trainer is a great investment for anyone just wanting to clean up their diet and learn how to start exercising more effectively. If you just want someone to help you get the right workout regimen according to your goals and figure out what a good diet looks like and guidance on how much to eat to gain/ lose weight, a personal trainer is a great option. A good coach will take it further than that and have the tools and knowledge to help you improve your diet and training too, but will really shine helping you find the reasons why you should be dieting and training. They are more "big picture" trainers. A coach will help you find what's holding you back and help you overcome those weak points, offering support the entire time. A good coach will help you win in all aspects of life, not just your physical form.

Where can I find a good coach?

There are all sorts of coaches you can find online but it's best to find one that you like. Even better would be one that you find relatable or has done things you want to do. We have started our own resource for life coaching here at the gym with a new service from Growth Solutions. If you choose to work with us you will have me personally as your coach, together we will go over your "ideal self" and look at the actions you are currently taking, your personal limitations, and any weaknesses you need to improve on. Once we do that, I will create a custom plan to help you get into a routine and develop the mindset required for winning. I will foster your belief that anything is possible because if have personally gone though many transformations in my own personal life and understand that it's possible for anyone to change if they really want to. Together, we will find your reason why, and start tackling all the challenges that go with becoming your best self. We will totally shift your perspective and get you winning in no time. You can borrow my belief until you get your own, and once that happens you will be unstoppable!

If you're interested in our in-house coaching program, send us an e-mail at or send me a DM on instagram at solutions_bretton

I look forward to hearing from you!


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